Sudoku Masterpieces (May 2010, Puzzlewright Press)

is the second book by US Sudoku Champions Wei-Hwa Huang and Thomas Snyder.

Just as in their earlier book, Mutant Sudoku, these puzzlesmiths have stretched the boundaries of sudoku again with fresh challenges and new grid shapes. Each puzzle is a work of art, with unique rules and eye-popping graphics, all inspired by - but going far beyond - traditional sudoku. This is the pinnacle of sudoku-meets-art that every fan will be clamoring for!


While the square cells in this United States Jigsaw Sudoku will seem tame compared to many of the shapes that await in Sudoku Masterpieces, this puzzle should give you a sense of the amazing sudoku waiting to be solved.

Rules: Fill in each cell with one of the letters A, F, K, L, N, T, V, W, Y so that no letter repeats in any row, column, or state-shaped region.


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